BOTOX Effective For 70% Of Incontinence Patients
  We’re One Of The Only Centers In The Southeast To Offer This Treatment

At Alliance Urology Specialists, we provide a superior level of comprehensive treatment for bladder dysfunction and urinary incontinence that can’t be found elsewhere in this region. One of
the innovative options available in our office is botulinum toxin injection therapy or Botox®.
We are one of the few centers in the entire Southeast to offer this to patients with bladder control problems.

Botox, most commonly known for its cosmetic benefits in reducing facial wrinkles, is now finding off-label medical uses. Scott MacDiarmid, MD, FRCPSC, Director of Alliance Urology Specialists Bladder Control and Pelvic Pain Center, has successfully treated incontinence patients with the neurotoxin for more than seven years.

Botox acts as a chemical nerve block on the detrusor muscle, and eliminates the unwanted bladder spasms that cause urinary incontinence. Using cystoscopy, 200 to 300 units of the neurotoxin are injected into 20 to 30 sites in the lower half of the bladder. The procedure is performed under anesthesia and takes only ten minutes to complete. Results are usually evident in two to seven days. Approximately 70% of patients
respond favorably and many achieve complete dryness. In some cases, having patients also take an anticholinergic agent can prolong the effectiveness of the toxin.

“The benefits of Botox therapy generally last for eight to nine months,” said Dr. MacDiarmid. “I’ve had a few patients who enjoyed relief from their symptoms for 14 months.”

Botox therapy is very well tolerated by patients. There are no common side effects. In rare instances (1% of cases), patients who can void voluntarily experience urinary retention. This condition must be managed with either an indwelling catheter or self-catheterization until the effects reverse. 

To learn more about Botox therapy for incontinence, call 336-274-1114.

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