Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center
  Unmatched Care For Complex Cases
Introducing the Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center

At Alliance Urology Specialists, we offer the most comprehensive incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction care in the region. With the creation of the Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center, complete diagnosis and treatment is now available in one place for men, women and children suffering from incontinence, interstitial cystitis, pelvic floor pain/dysfunction, dysfunctional voiding, and bedwetting.

The dedicated medical team at the Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center includes nationally renowned incontinence and pelvic pain specialists, urinary physical therapists and continence nurse
specialists, along with on-site physical therapy and a cutting edge research department, offering a level of care usually only found in an academic environment.  
“We’re here to handle the difficult cases that other urologists either don’t have the time or expertise to treat,” said Alliance Urology Specialists physician Scott MacDiarmid, MD, FRCPSC. “We have assembled a team of providers at the Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center that is second to none.”

The Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center Offers:
  • In-Office, Non-Invasive
  • Urinary Physical Therapy
  • With Biofeedback
  • Neuromodulation
  • BOTOX® Incontinence Therapy
  • Intravesical Instillation Therapy
  • Lower Urinary Tract And Pelvic Floor Reconstruction
  • Participation With Innovative
  • Research Trials
State-Of-The-Art Diagnosis
Alliance Urology Specialists offers the most advanced video urodynamics in the region. This test measures the storage of urine within the bladder and the flow of urine through the lower urinary tract to the outside of the body. Video images from a fluoroscopy unit appear on screen with pressure data to provide a precise evaluation of lower urinary tract function. The study takes approximately 45 minutes.

Comprehensive Treatment
Our practice has experienced tremendous success with patients utilizing non-invasive treatment techniques for urology disorders, such as diet modification and physical therapy. While conservative measures are always the first step, advanced and aggressive options such as intravesical instillation therapy and pelvic floor reconstruction are also available.

Physical Therapy And Biofeedback
Our urinary physical therapy utilizes biofeedback, ultrasound and other techniques to help patients exercise pelvic floor muscles and treat incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction or interstitial cystitis. Under the direction of urinary physical therapist Wilda Young, Alliance Urology Specialists is one of the few urology groups in the entire country to offer an on-site physical therapy department.
BOTOX® Incontinence Therapy
BOTOX can help people with urinary urge incontinence, a condition in which the bladder contracts and squeezes out urine involuntarily. BOTOX injections, offered in our office, reduce muscle contractions that cause the sudden, immediate need to urinate.

InterStim® therapy is used for urinary urge incontinence, non-obstructive urinary retention, significant urgency-frequency and interstitial cystitis. With this procedure a small, surgically implanted device sends mild electrical pulses to nerves located in the lower back that control urinary function.

Intravesical Instillation Therapy
For patients who do not tolerate or fail to respond to oral treatments, intravesical instillation therapy can be an alternative method of managing bladder overactivity and pain. With this aggressive treatment, medications such as anticholinergics, Botulinum A toxin, or local anesthetics, are instilled directly into the bladder. This medication stays in the bladder from 15 to 60 minutes before it is emptied. The procedure is usually conducted with local anesthesia, and is administered on a weekly basis for six to eight weeks depending on the patient’s specific condition. Advantages of intravesical instillation therapy include the ability to deliver a high concentration of drug to the bladder with minimal drug absorption and few, if any, significant side effects.
Advanced Surgical Techniques 
At Alliance Urology Specialists, our team of surgeons offer extensive experience in performing all forms of lower urinary tract and pelvic floor reconstruction. At our practice, patients have access to advanced procedures including sling surgery, bladder augmentation, urinary diversion, and construction of an internal pouch. 
Research Trials
Alliance Urology Specialists participates in national clinical trials on an ongoing basis. These studies make it possible for patients in this region to have access to the most advanced therapies for incontinence and pelvic dysfunction. Our on-site research team studies the effectiveness of medications for conditions such as interstitial cystitis and pelvic floor dysfunction.
For more information about the Alliance Bladder Control & Pelvic Pain Center, call 336-274-1114.
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