No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomies
  No Needles, No scalpels, No Kidding
We’re The First In The Region To Offer No-Needle, No-Scalpel Vasectomies

For some men, just hearing the word vasectomy is a painful experience. While the vasectomy is a proven and popular means of permanent birth control for men, many avoid the procedure due to the pain associated with it. The no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomy available at Alliance Urology Specialists is changing that perception. This new procedure is less painful, offers quicker recovery, and is just as effective as traditional vasectomy.

“The no-needle, no-scalpel approach is making vasectomy a much more appealing option for those who were previously afraid of the possible pain involved,” said Alliance Urology Specialists physician John Wrenn, MD. A key reason that men fear standard vasectomy is the use of a needle to deliver anesthesia into the scrotum prior to surgery. With our new, no-needle approach, the physician can anesthetize the surgical area with a jet anesthetic device, which delivers the numbing agent without use of a needle. By removing the need for a needle, patients are less fearful and experience much less pain.

After the anesthetic is administered, the physician then utilizes the no-scalpel technique to begin the procedure. Using a special instrument, one tiny puncture is made into the skin of the scrotum. This allows easy access to the vas deferens. Unlike traditional vasectomy, which requires one or two incisions with a scalpel, the new technique causes very little bleeding, no stitches are typically needed, and there is little
or no scarring.

Once the physician has access to the vas deferens, the vasectomy is performed essentially the same as vasectomies have been done for years. The main difference is that the vas deferens is controlled and grasped by the surgeon in a less traumatic manner. This results in less pain and fewer postoperative complications. Recovery is usually complete in three to five days.

Like the traditional vasectomy, this procedure only divides the vas deferens and has no effect on sperm that are already beyond the dividing point. Therefore, it is important not to have unprotected intercourse until the absence of sperm has been confirmed with two negative sperm checks, four to six weeks apart.
For more information about no-needle, no-scalpel vasectomies, contact Alliance Urology Specialists at 336-274-1114.

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